Friday, August 28, 2009

Pan what's in a pan

So I was rereading a recipe I found on line, in Food Network by Emeril Lagasse. I made my crumb crust from this one. Its called Strawberry Crumb Pie. This is the one with the cream cheese crust. Sounds so good! But my problem with it is I need a tart pan. Tart pan? Why not a pie pan? I don't own a tart pan. According to Julia Child's Cookbook I got from the library Baking with Julia. She said every begining baker needs a 9inch and a 10 inch tart pan. Oh bother. LOL Check out the article I found on the issue. I will also post a pic of the cookbook.  I have fallen in love with it. Not hard for me as I LOVE cookbooks. Ben can attest to that. He says we have to many. I say you can never have to many.

Oh and as I was looking up this cookbook I found another one that looks fabulous too. The same author as Baking with julia. Check it out. I will be sad to have to return the Baking with Julia to the library. Oh hey I should check if they have Paris Sweets. Then my return won't be so sad. LOL

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