Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cherry Clafouti Continued

So dessert has had its 30 minutes to cool and it comes time to remove it from the pan. It stuck like glue. I had greased up the pan like the recipe said.  So I scrap it out of the pan and it certainly does not look like something you would serve to guests or anything. Its edible. But not very much. Although my daughter really liked it. That was encouraging. The recipe had said to cook it in a dutch oven. Which I don't have. But a bunch of other recipes I had looked at today said to bake it in a fry pan. So my fry pan can go in the oven so I try that. I wonder if the fry pan was to big and the batter spread to thin. Next time I would make in a round cake pan. More grease in the pan too. Also my cherries had sugar on them so I thought I don't need to add extra to the dish. That was a mistake. The bread part tasted not so good. The cherries tasted like I had never added sugar to them. Oh well next time I would add the sugar. Over all I think it turned out. Its a nice light dessert. Would taste good with whip cream.

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