Thursday, April 22, 2010


So I have never made biscotti before today. I had a friend request I make some. So I did. I don't know why I didn't make it before. But I sure will be trying other recipes. The one I made was so easy. But the recipe did not make nearly as much as it said it would. It claimed that it made 2 + 1/2 dozen. I thought great some for my friend and some for us. But no such luck. One recipe only made 6 pieces. That sucked. I hate small recipes. I want one that makes lots of stuff. Oh well. Tasted all right. I am not much of a fan of biscotti. I find it too hard. But I read recently that biscotti does not have to be hard. You can make it soft medium or hard. Mine today turned out medium. I would have liked them softer. Ben thought they should have been hard. Cause that is what people are use to. But I disagree. I don't like my cookies to taste like rocks and chip a tooth each time I eat one. But hey that may just be me. I would love to share a pic with you but I forgot to take one before my friend took the cookies home. If you don't know what biscotti is google search for it and you will find lots of pics and stuff. So what are you baking these days? I pray I inspire you to go and try something new. Something you have never done before. You may surprise yourself with how easy it actually is. Like I did today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cookie Decorating

Hello all!Yes it has been a while since I wrote anything. I have been so busy with life and stuff that I have not had time to blog lately. So I wanted to tell you about some cookie fun I have been having. I love making cookie. That is one of my favourite things to bake. I love making cut out cookies in different shapes and icing them. I have recently discovered royal icing. As a way to decorate your cookies. So I have been having fun practicing. I have been inspired by this blog that I have been following. sweetopia This blog rocks. If you want to see some amazing cookies you check it out. I have really gotten into this whole cookie decorating thing. There is a local bakery in my area that specializes in decorated cookies. The work they do is great. I have learned that they offer decorating classes. So I plan on signing up. The place is called Sweet Impressions. Check them out. Here are some of the cookies I have made.