Monday, August 24, 2009

Baking Challenges

So I have been pouring over my many cookbooks and thinking what to tackle? Some things I already know. Others came to mind as I fliped through the pages. Others were things I had tried once and they did not turn out so I never tried them again. But I will now. So here is a list of  the things I am thinking of. I may add to the list as time goes on. Pies. Crusts seem intimidating to me. Why? I have made them before and they turned out. I also want to experiement with with different types of crust tops. Icing. Not the making of but the decorating with. I have a piping bag and tips but how do I use them? What do all the different tips do. I can't wait to find out. Or maybe I can. It maybe on of the later things that I try. Angle Food cake. I love eating it but I have tried making it once and never again. Do I own a flute pan? Jelly roll tried this once and was so disappointed as to how it turned out. Oi what a disaster. But that was like 14 years ago. I saw a recipe for it with ice cream in it that sounds good. Tarts. Once I master pie dough tarts should be an easy thing. Danishs. I made them once and they did not turn out so I gave up and never tried again. Bread in its different forms. I have made before with not to bad turn outs. But I never make it. I like to stick to things I can do well when baking. But if it looks a little complicated for me, (I do make complicated things but of things I am comfortable with.) then I don't make it. Until today! Here goes nothing.

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