Monday, August 31, 2009


So I think what I am doing is pretty challenging. But then when I told my sister today what I was doing she set out another challenge for me. She said I think you need to create something. Make up your own recipe. What is she thinking. Why do you think cookbooks were invented. So I don't have to invent things. Hmm? now she has got me thinking. I am a person who likes recipes. Recipes are my friends. Ben told me one time that he heard some one say (don't remember who), that the reason there are more male chefs is that they tend to more be able to experiement when it comes to cooking. When there are more women bakers because baking is something that is more exacting. What do you think about that? In our house that is very true. I love cookbooks and recipes and baking. I don't enjoy cooking other foods as much. Where Ben does not like baking much at all. He has done it but does not like it as much. He wants to create things. Experiment with foods. You can create in baking too but with in certain perameters. So to create something of my own or not? That is the question. I have never aspired to write a cookbook. I just love buying them or receiving them as gifts. If I were to create something what would it be? Compelling it is. Will take more diliberation. I need to figure out what is my challenge for this week? Any thoughts for me?

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