Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well I think I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a long haul but I am slowly starting to feel better. Ben asked me when I was going to reschedule the donut making. I said maybe next Friday. November 20th. But we will see. I am feeling a bit better. But my house has fallen a bit apart. So I am itching to clean it up. I have done some but so want to do more. If I do to much at once then I get back pain again. So baby steps. I printed off a recipe for Wild oatmeal cookies. They sound good. Chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal in them. I don't usually make mine with oatmeal, why I don't know. I really like oatmeal in my chocoalte chip cookies. Kids want to light a fire and roast weiners and eat smores. For those that don't know what a smore is let me tell  you. You take two cookies comonly graham crackers a piece of chocolate and a marshmellow. You roast the marshmellow over the fire then put it and the chocolate between the two cookies. Ben figured that why not just make chocolate chip cookies. You then get your chocolate and cookie all in one. They are quite tasty and very sweet. I think people do graham crackers over other cookies is cause they are thin and light tasting. So you can eat more smores. With thicker cookies you would not eat as many. So I will keep you posted on any baking going on over here. Blessings

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