Thursday, November 19, 2009

Donut Day!!

Ok these are my Pumpkin Cake Donuts with the Cream Cheese frosting. The donut dough was really easy to make to minutes really. Then it had to sit in the fridge for 2 hours. After that we had to roll out the dough and cut it out. While doing this we had filled my moms wok with oil and turned it on high to get the fat hot. Then once the oil was ready we put the dounts in. They cooked for about 3 minutes on the one side then we had to flip them over to cook on the other side. We had the donut making down to a science. My mom has made lots of donuts. So it was an easy choice to ask her to help me. We had plastic containers lined with paper towels so as soon as the donuts came out of the oil then you put them in the paper lined container. So the paper towel could soak up the excess oil. Then we let mine cool and my mom worked on her yeast  dough donuts. They took 1 + 1/2 hours to rise once they were made then hers had to be rolled and cut out then back for more rising. Now they were ready for the hot oil. Hers took about the same time to cook. Frying in the oil really takes a short time. Then her donuts were drained on paper towels then right into a sugar glaze then to drain on to paper towels again. Then into a container. Hers were now ready to eat. Mine needed there icing on them first. The cake donuts tasted good.  But it was a lot of work. Well it would not have been if we had just made the one kind. But as we made two kinds it took a really long time. It felt like there was barlely any time to breath. I was working by 8:30 am and did not stop until like 5 pm. I had a bit of a break for lunch and a bit of time on the computer. Long day. Worth it though cause now I can say I MADE DONUTS!! I never thought in my life that I would make donuts. They just seemed to daunting but they really are quite easy. The oil always made me nervious. Still does. I don't like cooking with hot fat. So if you love donuts and have never tired to make them you should not hard at all. Get a few friends or family together and have a blast. Then do what I did have a donut party and invite people over to help you eat them. What fun!

                                                 These are my moms yeast donuts. YUM!

Some yeast donuts my kids decorated! 


  1. Watch out Tim Hortons! Those donuts look great! Could you post the recipe please? I have made timbits before but those pumpkin ones of yours sound very tasty! Look tasty too! Oh I pickled beets the other evening. A friend had given them to me. Do you like beets?
    Deborah, Saskatoon

  2. I can't post the recipe as I have not figured out how to post links. Deborah if you go to my blog list and click on mennonite girls can cook. I got the recipe from there. I think in quick breads. The recipe is called frosted pumpkin donuts. The other recipe is my moms and I don't have a copy of that if you want I can get that as well. Just let me know.
    Beets? YUCK! No offense. LOL

  3. Deborah, they look delicious!!!! Do you think you'll make them again? ( have you got a bunch in your freezer??? ;) )
    ~ Angela B.

  4. Angela I don't think I will make them again. But you never know. No we didn't freeze any. What was not eaten at the party Ben brought to work. I did not want them hanging around the house.