Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Winner is..../The Joys of Baking

So for all those who voted thank you. :o) The winner is Banana Lemon Layer Cake. Turned out o.k. But not as well as I had hoped. In my opinion a person is most critical of there craft. What ever that is they make. It may look great to someone else but to the person who made it they see every flaw. So I want to share with you some cake baking tips. Things that I have learned along the way and some very recently learned. Picture #2 you can see a big crack in it. The reason for that is that I took the cake out of the pan too soon and did not let it cool long enough in the pan. Very important that your cake cool in the pan before taking out. I knew that but the recipe I had said to take it out at 5 minutes. My better judgement told me not to listen to the book. But I didn't and you can see what happened. No one will know that happened unless they read my blog. Cause icing covers a multitude of sins. Even if It broke in half it could still be salvaged. Once cake is cooled and you are ready to ice put cake in the freezer for 1 hour. What that does is freezes all the cake crumbs so when you ice your cake  you don't have to worry about getting cake crumbs all in your icing. That is a trick I learned recently. Wow is all I have to say. I think about when I will go to make my daughters bday cake and I cut out the shape it always creates crumbs. Now I don't have to worry about them.  Well I thought I had more tips but my brain has drawn a blank. So when it comes to baking cakes I feel pretty confident in the making of them. Well most kinds. But the icing of the cake that is where I need more experience. I felt that this cake today looked plain, blah, boring and like a beginner did it. The taste is good. As I had to trim the edges of the cake and oh there is always extra icing so I should make sure that they taste good. They do. The cake wasn't anything  special but the icing sure was good. Again I am probably too critical. Well that is this experience on to others yet to come. Hmm what next. Oh yeah hey I made some home made bread. Must tell you about that. Next blog entry.

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