Sunday, October 04, 2009

Stir Whole Wheat Bread

So today we are celebrating my moms birthday with everyone. Brothers family is hosting and my sisters family was to be joining us as well. As siblings we decided on potluck. I was to bring dessert and my sister was to bring bread and salad. But as she got sick this weekend and is not able to come I decided to help out with her portion of potluck items. So I chose to bring bread. I thought hey I had found this great recipe in Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog that I would make that. It is the easiest bread imaginable. I had made it once before. So I have posted the link. If the posting of links works. If not just look on the side pannel and click on Mennonite girls can cook and click on yeast breads. Then look for the name I titled this blog. I will tell you what I do different. I like 100% whole grain breads. So I do all whole wheat flour no white and for the 5 or 7 grain cereal I use Red River Cereal. That is if  you live in Canada. I don't know if you can get that any where else in the world. But last night when I whiped up this bread. Which takes like no time at all. I forgot to add the Red river cereal and it turned out just fine. I also have not added the sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Parlty because I don't have them in my home and my husband  does not like crunchy things in his bread. I have also found that when you mix everything together it is very wet. So I add more flour. maybe about 1 cup more. Then I divide it in to 2 balls and pat it into my bread pans. Great bread. So easy. I will try to make a more challenging bread but hey it  tastes good and why do we always have to go to a lot of work when we bake? Some times it is necessary for sure. But some times not. Don't miss understand me. I am not an instant person. I always make my cake from scratch. As I do my whiping cream. I am not a mix person. Nothing wrong if you are. But I find homemade is better and does not take that much longer to make. Just my opinion. So if you love bread give this a try. Let me know if you do and what you think.

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