Monday, October 26, 2009

Dounut making? I thought I was making bread!

So thought today o.k. I need to get back to making more stuff. I thought I should make a pile of bread and stick it in my freezer. Well I went to mennonitegirlscancook site and found lots of great bread recipes. But they all called for quick rise yeast. Of which I don't have. Oh well I guess I won't make bread today. But I can make pizza dough. I have made that alot and found out a friend of mine makes her pizza dough in big batches and freezes them. So I figured since I can't make the other doughs I would at least be able to make something today. I then thought that I would look up quick breads in the same site and see what they had. Well as I was looking I found a recipe for pumpkin dounts. They sounded soo good. Before I knew it I had phoned my mom who is an excelent donut maker. I have never made donuts before just consumed them. Booked her to come over on Friday October 30th in the afternoon. I am excited about this. Except that my mom said since we will have the oil going already we may as well make yeast donuts as well as my cake donut recipe. That is a lot of donuts. I will need to have a donut eating party. Also I do want to make bread. So it willl be a week with lots of challenges going on. Hey Angela is a pumpkin donut challenging? I hope my blog inspires  you to try something new. Whether that would be with baking or something else in life you have been afraid to try. Know that anything is possible. You can accomplish great and mighty things! Blessings


  1. Posting links never works. Arrrr!!!

  2. Pumpkin Donuts! Pumpkin CAKE donuts??? Sounds wonderful! I'm up for a pumpkin donut party! At least the eating part. :)