Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I am not alone

So get this I am at my girlfriends house today. Told her about my blog. Why I was doing it. To overcome my fear of baking certain foods. Well do you know what she told me? She said did you know Rachael Ray (who is on t.v. and has a  cooking show.) does not bake. Can not bake? She said that Rachael Ray has said that on her show. She had a guest on her show who made a cake and showed Rachael what to do. Wow Rachael Ray can't bake? I just assumed if you have a cooking show on t.v. and have many cookbooks that you would be able to bake. Hearing that made me feel like I was not alone in my struggle. I make the things that I am good at. I avoid the things that I am not good at. Found out that others do that too. Even famous chefs. Now I don't know why Rachael does not bake. Could be for other reasons completly. But I think we feel better when we know we are not alone in our struggles. Sure you know others struggle with the same things you do. But sometimes you feel so alone in it. It feels good when you hear that you are not alone. Not that you want others to struggle. That is not what I am saying.  Know that what ever your fears are or your struggles that you are not alone and that their are others out there just like you. You are not alone and you can overcome them. May God  grant you the courage to do so. Blessings

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