Thursday, September 03, 2009

Cookie Stand Today

Hello everyone. I thought my only challenge this week would be the bread I am going to attempt. But my kids want to have a cookie stand. Which is like a lemonade stand but you sell cookies instead. We may sell lemonade too. But lemonade and cookies don't really go together. I make all kinds of cookies and feel quite confident in the making of them. But one I can not. I bought a cookie press years ago. A really nice one. I have posted a pick of one if you don't know what a cookie press is. Found the pic at Williams and Sonoma. Great cooking store from the U.S.A. Where I bought mine. But have never been able to get them to turn out. Well I will try again today. Spritz cookies which is what a cookie press cookie is called look really good. You can make all kinds of shapes. So I will post later how they turn out. I am trying a different recipe then I did in the past. Another thing that I tried a few times and gave up. But today victory!! I hope. Or I just give my cookie press away. If any one has used one of these and has tips or recipes to pass on I would appreciate it.

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