Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is what I am up too

Hello All,

So sickness is gone from our home. I pray. Kids never got it and I hope they don't. So now I can focus better on others. We have a friend who is really sick right now and I want to bring him some stuff. So I have been baking today. One of the things I want to give is this really cute pie. I have never made it before but it looks great. I use to be afraid of pies but now I love them. My sister had thought of getting me this pie bible cookbook for Christmas but she thought that it would be too much of a challenge for me. But I wish she had. It looks great. Pie is so fun oh and so tasty. What are you afraid of that you have not tackled yet? The year is young and its never to late to overcome a fear. What ever that is. So tell someone what you are afraid of and ask them to hold you accountable to overcome it. It is such a freeing feeling to overcome  something. I am so excited that I can make pie now. I love it! Know that you are not alone in your fears. There is someone out there with the same fear as you. We all are afraid of something. But you can overcome your fears. If  I can I know you can. I have had some of my baking fears for years. But slowly I am overcoming them. Well back to my pie making.

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